In the metaverse, a teleport allows users to move from one region/sim to another without crossing a sim boundary or moving within a sim. By default, users are able to teleport directly to any coordinate within the grid. To allow or disallow users to do this on a given parcel, use the pass/banlist functions described below.


Function Description
llMapDestination Shows a given location or region on the map.
llAddToLandPassList Add an avatar to the parcel pass list for the given duration.
llAddToLandBanList Add an avatar to the parcel ban list for the given duration.
llRemoveFromLandPassList Remove an avatar from the parcel pass list for the given duration.
llRemoveFromLandBanList Remove an avatar from the parcel ban list for the given duration.
llSetPrimitiveParams Sets properties of a prim, including position. This can be used to fake a short-range teleport. See WarpPos
llSitTarget Sets the sit target of a prim. This can be used to fake a short-range teleport.
llTeleportAgentHome Teleports an agent to their home location. (Land Owner Only)



Event Description
changed Triggered when the attachment has been teleported or has entered a new sim.

To fake a teleport between two points, use llSitTarget, though there is a 519m range limit (but no axis may be greater then 300m). The advantage of faking it is easy integration into the right-click pie menu, and instantaneous teleportation, since the client doesn’t have to reconnect to the sim as it would with the “real” teleport functions. An example of a “sit teleporter” is the LibraryPortRingCreator.

Another, albeit slightly more complex, method of “faking” a teleport between two points is to have the avatar sit on an object and move the object. LibraryWarpPos can do this over great distances instantaneously, even through objects, and as such gives the appearance of teleportation. The object would probably then unsit the avatar and move back to its original position, as is done in LibraryTeleporter.

Q: Is there a way to teleport someone to a given sim and location anywhere in the grid?
A: No, currently you can only directly teleport someone to their home location with llTeleportAgentHome. The upcoming function llTeleportAgent will presumably allow you to teleport someone directly, but as it was first mentioned as an “future function” in the 1.8.0 release notes in December 2005, we can assume that no work is currently being done on this function. There is no word on when it will be completed, or whether it will require permissions, for the user to be over the owner’s land, as llTeleportAgentHome does, or what other limitations it may require.


However, you can offer a teleport to another user with llMapDestination if the user touches your scripted object. The user must click a dialog box to accept the teleport.