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Credit to the Wikis Who Came Before

A large amount of the initial content of this wiki is taken from the now extinct site.  I did this because I found the explanations and examples there to be superior to the LSL Portal in most cases. LSL Wiki’s copyright policy is as follows:

Since its inception, the LSL Wiki has followed an implicit copyright model: all wiki content may be freely copied, modified and distributed for noncommercial use. The exception to this is example scripts, which should be regarded as public domain, except where noted in the license attached to their source code.

Effective March 3, 2007, all content on the LSL Wiki should adhere to this policy, with Fair Use exceptions: quotes and excerpts from forum posts, Linden Lab messages, etc.

For the OSSL content, the initial content is from with changes made for Brevity and clarity.  Their license is here:

And finally, any content I needed that was not anywhere else came from the LSL Portal, whose license is here: