Welcome to the OSSL Wiki

Welcome to the OSSL Wiki, an effort to document the LSL and OSSL scripting language of Opensim. This wiki is intended as an open documentation resource to help scripters of all skill levels.  Simply register an account to contribute or edit.  Whether you’re new to scripting or an experienced programmer, these pages should help you learn to use LSL and OSSL.

The goal is to provide a secure, collaborative and independent reference for LSL and OSSL.  I (Brayla) have loved and used the old lslwiki.net site and was saddened to see it go.  My goal and hope is to provide a successor to the old site, while adding Opensim to it.  I have made platform decisions with the goal in mind that if I were to ever need to discontinue hosting the site, it could easily be taken over by someone else.

In order to maintain the security of the site and its platform, the site does require you to create an account and to have a legitimate email address.  Your Second Life or Opensim name is sufficient for this – the purpose is to both give you credit for your efforts and to also ensure that you are a legitimate contributor.


LSL and OSSL Reference:



Flow Control:

LSL Functions:

  • Particle (llParticleSystem)
  • Primitive/Object
  • Script
  • Sensor
  • Simulator (Environment/World)
  • Sound
  • String (Text/Name)
  • Teleport
  • Texture
  • Time
  • Transformation:
  • Rotation/Scaling/Translation
  • Vehicle
  • Video
  • Weather


OSSL Functions:

  • Agent/Avatar
  • NPCs
  • Prim Manipulation
  • Prim Drawing / Dynamic Texture
  • Notecard
  • Sound
  • HTTP
  • Parcel
  • Terrain
  • Grid / Region Information
  • Administration
  • Script
  • String Manipulation
  • Misc




Variable Types: