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I am an opensim content creator.
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I am Horrible at Updating the News…
4 years ago no Comment

I did take a break from adding to this site for a while, but I am back at it.  I am just about finished with Agent/Avatar LSL.  The full scripts area is growing nicely.  I also updated the wiki for GDPR.  As always, any help adding to this Wiki would be greatly appreciated!

6 years ago no Comment

Some work under the hood, login with Google fixed, and a new “Full Scripts” area has been added to the site.  Enjoy!  I am looking for people who want to add to the Wiki; If you do, make an account and I’ll hook you up with author privileges!

All the Functions…
6 years ago no Comment

I have added a bunch of things to the Wiki. Now, I am in the long process of adding the functions. If you register, and verify your email, you are welcome to contribute to the Wiki. If you look at the homepage, the items I have added will have blue links. Also, on the functions […]

Please Remember to Confirm Your Email
7 years ago no Comment

When you first register, you are asked to confirm your email address.  You do this by clicking a link inside the email sent to you by Please do this, as accounts who have not confirmed email addresses are periodically purged to prevent spam and site attacks.  

I’ve Been a Bit Quiet
7 years ago no Comment

My real life has been a bit busy as of late, but I will return to migrating this content soon.  In the meantime, I have added SSL functionality to the wiki to further secure the site. I have also made a number of background updates.  

The New OSSL Code Reference Wiki
7 years ago no Comment

I am finally making good on my threat to create a reference website for LSL and OSSL.  The old LSL Wiki closing has motivated me to get off my butt and get this done! I decided to make a WordPress site and use an encyclopedia plugin instead of straight up wiki software so I could […]

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